Plant Pot Recycling at Yarducopia’s Midtown Garden Depot

Anchor Gardens and Yarducopia are hosting a plant pot drop-off and exchange at the Midtown Garden Depot on Sunday, September 12 from 1-5 pm. The address is 2930 Cheechako Street We’ll be accepting used gardening pots and trays, as well as tools, fencing, and leaves (no garbage bags please) to use and share with gardeners … More Plant Pot Recycling at Yarducopia’s Midtown Garden Depot

So many ways to garden

There are so many ways to garden – no-dig methods, using perennial plants, in tidy easily worked rows, biodynamic techniques, Steve Solomon’s soil nutrient-focused strategies – all of which can produce a bounty of vegetables, and none of which require the purchase and application of known and potentially harmful chemicals to your food. Glyphosate, the … More So many ways to garden

Solstice Newsletter

It has been great to see so many of you over the last month, watching these gardens take shape, and chatting about what’s working, what’s not, and what, if anything, we can do about it. Calling all community garden enthusiasts! The Spenard Community Garden is edible as can be, and there’s a real opportunity to … More Solstice Newsletter

Spring Update 2.0

It has been a busy spring, and I’m just getting round to write you all to say thanks. Thanks to everyone who volunteered your yard, welcoming gardeners into your space. Thanks to the gardeners who’s time, energy, and enthusiasm for growing organically really makes this program thrive. Thanks to the volunteers too! Your ideas and … More Spring Update 2.0

Spraying for Spruce Bark Beetle & ACAT’s Carbaryl Fact Sheet

Spruce bark beetle continue to damage and kill spruce trees around the Anchorage bowl and across Southcentral Alaska. The question often asked is, what if anything can one do about it? Or perhaps, what SHOULDN’T we do about it. Many commercial companies use pesticide sprays and root drenches that contain carbaryl, a chemical known to … More Spraying for Spruce Bark Beetle & ACAT’s Carbaryl Fact Sheet

May Newsletter

Yarducopia is diving into another gardening season, and I’ve been busy mapping out yards and gardeners all across town, pairing folks up for the growing season. Thank you so much to those who’ve already signed up, offering your space, time, and expertise so we can all grow together. I’ve chatted with fourteen garden pairs so … More May Newsletter