What is Yarducopia?

IMG_2870Yarducopia is a program of Alaska Community Action on Toxics (ACAT), a small non-profit based in Anchorage, Alaska. We promote safe gardening practices through a model system for organic, sustainable, and community based gardening. Yarducopia works directly with members of the Anchorage community to build gardens and reconnect people with their food.  We pair homeowners who donate yard space and tools with volunteers who want to learn organic gardening techniques. The produce grown is split between homeowner and volunteers, saving ten percent to be given to a charity of their choice. Through hands-on workshops, Yarducopia builds the skills of Anchorage residents to grow their own food free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

IMG_0017During the off-season, Yarducopia works to motivate public support to implement local, national, and international policies to ban harmful agricultural additives and promote sustainable agrarian practices.

To find out more about our progress so far this year, visit the blog tab on our website, or like our page on Facebook.

Information on ACAT, expectations for Yarducopia participants, donation guidelines, and other  forms are available here.

Answers to frequently asked questions are here.

If you would like to participate in the upcoming Yarducopia season in Anchorage, please sign up here (you may sign up for all three!):

Sign up here to offer your yard and participate in Yarducopia

Sign up here as a Yarducopia gardener looking for space to garden

Sign up here as a Yarducopia Build Volunteer

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