Yarducopia’s website moved in January 2023!

Click here to visit our new webpage on Alaska Community Action on Toxics website – https://www.akaction.org/yarducopia/

What is Yarducopia?

IMG_2870Yarducopia is a program of Alaska Community Action on Toxics (ACAT), a small non-profit based in Anchorage, Alaska. We promote safe gardening practices through a model system for organic, regenerative, and community based gardening. Yarducopia works directly with members of the Anchorage community to build gardens and reconnect people with their food.  We pair homeowners who donate yard space and tools with volunteers who want to learn organic gardening techniques. The produce grown is split between homeowner and volunteers, saving ten percent to be given to a charity of their choice. Through hands-on workshops, Yarducopia builds the skills of Anchorage residents to grow their own food free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. If you would like to participate in the upcoming Yarducopia season in Anchorage, please sign up using the links below (Note, you may sign up for multiple roles and participate in multiple ways!)

Click here if you’re looking for space and/or instruction on how to garden organically

Click here to offer pesticide-free yard space on your property

Click here to signup for our newsletter and hear about opportunities to volunteer 

IMG_0017During the off-season, Yarducopia works to motivate public support to implement local, national, and international policies to ban harmful agricultural additives and promote regenerative agrarian practices. To find out more about our progress so far this year, visit the blog tab on our website, or like our page on Facebook.Information on ACAT, expectations for Yarducopia participants, donation guidelines, and other forms are available here. Answers to frequently asked questions are here.


10 thoughts on “Yarducopia’s website moved in January 2023!

  1. When can I set a date for my garden build? Is jessie still willing to be my gardening partner? I will be out of town may 17-29 but anytime before or after that.
    Happy spring!


    1. Hi Ann! We at Yarducopia are finishing off a term of grad school this week. Next week we will begin contacting potential matches to see who’s ready to build a garden, and as soon as we have cardboard and manure ready we will get to work. If you don’t get an email from me by Tuesday of next week, email garden@akaction.org to schedule your build! We can certainly schedule for before you go or after you get back, depending on your needs. If you just need plants, since we’ve added to your beds last year, we will schedule for after you get back, since we don’t pick up our plant starts from the Persistent Farmer until May 19.


  2. My neighbors and I have built a friendly community. We live in a small complex downtown are very interested in using some of our South-facing lawn area to grow vegetables. Can you help us this year?


  3. Hi my name is Lilli I live in Chugiak and have a vegetable garden and flowerbeds. I do have a new area I’m going to try to garden this year if there’s anyone interested in coming to build beds with me. Also available to volunteer for that building or composting although my back can’t take a lot of heavy lifting.


  4. Hi,
    I have free horse compost. It’s easy to access. Bring your truck or garden bag and you can have it for free.

    Oline Korn


    1. HI Oline. Are you in Anchorage? Do you have a machine to load a truck or would I need to shovel? My number is 907-717-4392. Give a ring and we can set up a time. Thanks!


    2. Hi Oline,

      I would be interested in getting a garbage or half of a garbage can of composted manure for my rhubarb and some other plants if you still have some. 907-345-2739.



  5. Hi iam am interested in getting my 3 planting beds repaired and filled with good growing soil. I don’t know how to start to prepare these beds so someone in the mt. View community can come and plant. Help!


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