New Truck for Yarducopia!

Outgoing Yarducopia coordinator GeorgeAnne Sprinkle and incoming coordinator Michelle Wilber pose with ‘Big Blue’ the new Yarducopia workhorse!

Thanks to the Rasmuson Foundation and our wonderful ACAT donors, Yarducopia has a truck to get and haul all the manure, mulch, and soil for making our Yarducopia gardens!  We hope to make 20 new gardens in 2015 in Anchorage, which is approximately 150 cubic yards of mulch, manure and soil…more than 50 truck loads!  Each 100 sf garden will require about two truckloads by us, and a small load of material from the yard volunteer (compost or kitchen scraps on site and/or spent grain or other materials from the community).  To volunteer to host a garden or work in a garden or for more information please email!


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