Thanks for the Cardboard, Bicycle Shop!

A huge thank you to001 the Bicycle Shop for their donation of cardboard to Yarducopia!  We use cardboard at the base of every sheet mulch garden we build to suppress weeds.  For each 100 sf garden we try to use 3 layers of very wet cardboard.  Since we aim to build 20 new gardens next season, I am striking early to collect the 6000 sf of cardboard needed.  Bike boxes are great, because they cover area quickly and leave fewer gaps for grass and weeds to try to grow up through.  The Bicycle Shop on Northern Lights is close to ACAT’s offices and our staging area for materials, so it was easy to go pick up a load of (conservatively and approximately) 500 sf.  Only 11 more loads of this size to go!  Email me at if you think you have a great source of big cardboard – I might not be able to respond to every possibility, but the bigger the cardboard is, the less tape and staples it has, and the closest to midtown 20130526_154112(delivered to us would be ideal – email for an address to deliver to,) the better!  If you are planning to host a Yarducopia garden next year, stock up on cardboard (or newspaper) yourself for maximum garden-building convenience!


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