Fall 2015 Yarducopia Update

Another beautiful summer of gardening is coming to a close!  By now the squash and nasturtiums have frost killed, and we are all getting in the last of the lettuce and celery before a hard (28F) frost.  Kale and brussel sprouts will continue to sweeten as they are nipped by cold; carrots, onions, leeks, and potatoes (the underground part) can also handle the cold – but we better get them out befophoto (24)re the ground freezes solid!  So pick something every day to harvest and deal with – eat, freeze, dry, ferment, can, cook into soup for now or later, or donate to the Food Bank (follow the link and look for the ‘Plant a Row’ form!)

If you are interested in gardening with us next year, go to these links and put your info in (I know many of you are in our system, but please do this to officially get signed up for 2016!).

Sign up here to offer your yard and participate in Yarducopia

Sign up here as a Yarducopia gardener looking for space to garden

We thank all of our participants, interns, build volunteers, donors and others that made 2015 such a great season!  We planted 23 Yarducopia gardens, had a very successful mid-season bike tour, made many new friends, and celebrated with a harvest potluck.  If you are signed up with Yarducopia but missed any of this, check and make sure that your email system doesn’t put things from garden@akaction.org into spam – put us in your contacts!  Our coordination efforts require the extensive use of email to be able to get everything done!

In 2016, we will be working with our normal Yarducopia teams and some Anchorage area schools.  We are pre-building some beds this fall for a running start in the spring, but otherwise will get building and planting when the weather allows in May.  We are again aiming for 20 gardens!  We try to accommodate as many as possible of those looking for a space to garden, and we hope to have a pool of willing yards so that we can try to match near neighbors – convenience makes for better gardening!

Please leave any general questions in the comments below and happy garden dreaming over the winter!!


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