May Newsletter

Yarducopia is diving into another gardening season, and I’ve been busy mapping out yards and gardeners all across town, pairing folks up for the growing season. Thank you so much to those who’ve already signed up, offering your space, time, and expertise so we can all grow together. I’ve chatted with fourteen garden pairs so far, and have a growing list of volunteers. Don’t hesitate to reach out. 🙂

I’m also excited about the handful of slightly larger community gardening spaces Yarducopia is supporting this year. We’ll be slowly waking the Spenard Community Garden up from its winter slumber, with a regular Thursday evening gathering between 4 and 7 pm (often ending earlier if we get the work done). We’ll be following social distancing protocol, and I can bring extra tools (let me know). I’d love to hear updates from those who visit the space more regularly or during other hours.

In addition to the small food forest at Government Hill’s Hillcrest Children’s Center, Yarducopia is working with two new community garden spaces in Mountain View and Rogers Park, as well as a garden build on 3rd Avenue. If you’re in those neighborhoods and/or want to get involved at any of these gardens, drop me a line and I’ll gladly provide more details and connect you with the organizer (if it isn’t me).

Tudor Elementary’s school garden is temporarily on hold, and I’ll let you know when that garden project begins to move forward. We’re so grateful to the Whole Kids Foundation for a $3,000 grant to Yarducopia to support Tudor’s school garden, and it will be a real pleasure to find ways to integrate the garden, school, and neighborhood.

As we head into this abundant summer season, I heartily encourage you to ‘plant a row’ for the hungry this spring. Reaching out to your preferred charity to see what garden produce they would appreciate can be a great start, as well as seeing what you have an abundance of. If you’re short on seeds, I’d be happy to drop some by.

Thanks to all of you for your support to each other, to Yarducopia and ACAT, and for sharing your enthusiasm and energy for organic gardening and building community in and around Anchorage.

Happy spring!


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