New Team Members for 2021!

I’m excited to announce that Mary-Ellen Garner and Jordan Ebert and I will be running Yarducopia together this summer! I’ve included introductions from these two wonderful individuals below. We’re feeling pretty lucky to get to work together, and excited to see you all in the garden this summer.  

“Mary-Ellen spent most of her childhood covered in dirt, sand, mud, or clay. Since moving to Anchorage she has extended the spectrum to include spent grain, leaves, spent mushroom substrate, manure, food compost, and all things lasagna gardening! Mary-Ellen has a background and passion for sustainable agriculture; in 2015 she completed an apprenticeship through MOFGA (Maine Organic Growers and Farmers Association) on a raw dairy farm in Freeport, Maine, followed shortly by a 2-year Food And Farm Fellowship in the highlands of Virginia through Allegheny Mountain Institute. 

She believes the desire for connection (to others, to the earth, to our food) is intrinsic to our human experience and that we must dream up and create a food system that honors these connections- one that is founded upon the principles of equity & justice, regeneration & healing, community & collaboration, health & nutrition, and sustainability & limited-waste. Mary-Ellen is excited to work for Yarducopua and help connect more Anchorage residents to garden space and fresh, toxic-free, hyper-local foods. 

Mary-Ellen has several small farmlets throughout Anchorage, including space at the I-Street Community Garden (via Anchor Gardens) that she co-designed last year. She uses most of her produce to make fermented foods for sale that are 100% Anchorage grown. In the coming years she hopes to form a collective of Anchorage Urban Growers to sell directly to restaurants and grocery stores in town. When not farming, she does a lot of fermenting, foraging, and frolicking in the woods.”

“Hi, I’m Jordan! I’ve lived in Anchorage my whole life, and now I’m a senior at the University of Alaska Anchorage, pursuing my Bachelor of Science degree in Environment and Society. My goal is to help people live more sustainably, so that we can all can enjoy a healthy and safe environment for generations to come. This naturally led me to ACAT and their community gardening program, Yarducopia. I love Yarducopia’s mission to turn local lawns into regenerative and organic food gardens, so that people can have secure access to healthy food. I’m so excited to be working with the program this summer!” 


One thought on “New Team Members for 2021!

  1. How can I get help with my garden. Last year and this year we’re totally unsuccessful due to me having surgeries and being physically unable to walk around band and lift. Next year I am looking forward to having a large garden. I’m planning on sharing my garden with my extended family and I will be teaching the younger ones how to garden. I need help preparing the soil for next year and I needSome horse manure. Do you know who I can contact to get help?


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