[May Newsletter] New Gardeners, Roots, and Members of the Yarducopia Team!

The season has begun! Yes, the soil is still a bit cold, but the social side of Yarducopia began in earnest last week. We’re busy connecting neighbors, visiting gardens, and making plans for the summer with new and returning gardening pairs. The more the merrier, so don’t hesitate to reach out, pass on our info to friends and neighbors, and drop us a line. 

New Members of Yarducopia’s Team: I’m especially excited to announce that Mary-Ellen Garner and Jordan Ebert and I will be running Yarducopia together this summer! I’ve included introductions for these two wonderful individuals on the Yarducopia website. We’re feeling pretty lucky to get to work together. 

Meeting at Spenard Community Garden: There will be a meeting at the Spenard Community Garden (1303 West 33rd) this Wednesday at 7:00 PM to make plans for the summer. The garden has been a collaboration with the adjacent Lutheran Social Services Food Pantry the last two years, with a focus on creating a beautiful, inviting, and edible environment for food pantry clients and the neighborhood to enjoy. If you can’t make the meeting, reach out by other means. All ideas welcome.  

Cuttings Taking Root: The jars of currant and gooseberry cuttings lining my window sill are regular reminders of our mid April perennial propogating workshop. Almost a month ago, these pencil-sized sticks sent out leaves, and now, after weeks of waiting, white roots are beginning to extend from the bark. Plants never cease to amaze.

From the Yarducopia/ ACAT Team – Wishing everyone a lovely spring, and we hope to see you outside soon! 


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