May 7 Compost Workshop, Midtown Garden Sign ups & Free Baby Apple Trees

Hey everybody,

The wise and wonderful Christine Wilcox will be leading a hot composting workshop in Midtown on May 7 from 1-3 pm (2930 Cheechako Street). Come learn and lend a hand. This is the site of the up-and-coming Midtown Community Garden. Come early (11-1) for nibbles, to sign up for a garden bed, and to talk community gardens.  

Want a baby apple tree for your yard? Jason Bibee and I bought a dozen extra  this spring to share around. They’re in a cooler at my house on 3740 Williams Street. I have pots and soil, so you don’t need to have the spot picked out or the hole dug. Happy to help pot one for you, talk tree planting, grafting, and site selection. Call for more details and to setup a time to come by. 


  • Hot composting workshop on May 7, 1-3 pm, at 2930 Cheechako Street
  • Midtown Garden sign ups, chit chat, and nibbles on May 7 from 11-1 pm
  • Free hardy baby apple trees available at Nick’s house – Call for details 

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