Harvest Party

This summer’s Harvest Party will be on Sunday, August 21. We’re hoping to have the event at Boyer’s Orchard (near Old Seward and 81st), but we don’t know for sure if that’ll work out. Backup spots might include my house/yard 🙂 Will update accordingly.

The gathering is a time to celebrate this amazing time of year and the bounty coming out of our gardens, forests, mountains, oceans, etc, etc. And what better place than a beautiful orchard and garden full of fruit and veggies! Pop and by for an hour or the whole afternoon/evening. We’ll be chatting away, talking picking and processing, and we’d would love to see you.

  • Sunday, August 21
  • 2 pm onwards
  • Boyers Orchard – 645 East 81st Avenue
  • Celebrating the harvest season and spending an afternoon and evening sharing and enjoying each others company
  • Invite friends, all welcome
  • Send RSVP or questions to garden@akaction.org / 907 717 4392

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