Providence Hospital Sustainability Program Partnership with Yarducopia

On August 15, Yarducopia picked up the first load of food waste from Providence Hospital – one 96 gallon pink cart (just like the ones uses for SWS’ curbside pickup). The cart contained a 150 pound salad, full of off cuts of lettuce, broccoli, kale, tomato, zucchini, and carrot, along with some bits of pineapple and melon rind and coffee grounds. There is about 1/2 cart’s worth (75 pounds) of veggie and fruit waste coming out of the hospital’s kitchen each day, and in our first week of pickups we moved about 450 pounds.

This food waste diversion program is one of many ideas being implemented by Providence Hospital’s new Sustainability Program Manager, Darcy Moxon. For this project, a partnership with Yarducopia is hoping to keep these organics out of the landfill by repurposing this food waste into compost piles, worm and chicken feed, and the base of new garden beds.

Providence is happy to have different individuals pickup the material, so if you’rd like to get involved in this project, or have the time and energy to be our backup in case we’re busy, reach out with your info, questions and ideas. Like so many of our urban waste streams, there is more than enough of this material to share, so don’t be shy!

In the meantime, a lot of these veggies will be going to our weekly composting workshops from 1:30 – 3:30 PM on Wednesdays at the Midtown Community Garden (2930 Cheechako Street). Updates to come.


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