People and Planet First – Food Week of Action and World Food Day

2022 Food Week of Action

People and Planet First is the theme of this year’s Oct. 10–17 Food Week of Action. ‘People and Planet First’ mean prioritizing family farmers, fishers and others producing in harmony with nature – agroecologically – and achieving food sovereignty. As communities continue to face the pandemic and vulnerable food chains, we realize the necessity of building resilient agricultural systems that protect and cool the planet and put farmers and workers first. This year’s Food Week will highlight groups and initiatives that are building an equitable and sustainable food systems, while also tackling the economic and racial drivers of hunger, poverty, and oppression.

Thee Presbyterian Hunger Program (for quite a few years) has been elevating and encouraging the actions of the many individuals and organizations and events which support awareness of our global need to address poverty and hunger.

At ACAT, our focus is on environmental health and justice. And one way we continue to contribute to creating a world of healthy food is to offers support for growing food, creating pollinator habitat, and backyard composting, etc for individuals willing to pledge to not use harmful pesticides in their yard. This pledge helps keep our water, air, soil, and foods toxic-free, and reduces unintentional harm to the countless other organisms our ecosystems rely upon (e.g. pollinators).

For Anchorage’s gardeners without enough growing space (i.e. those in apartments, renters, market gardeners looking to expand), ACAT’s Yarducopia program coordinates a yard-sharing program to pair up gardeners with availalbe space in neighbors yards, churches, and community gardens across Anchorage. This doesn’t solve all the problems, but our intention is to lower one potentail barrier to accessing fresh, healthy food for those eager to grow their own.


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