What’s happening (Yarducopia Blog)

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People and Planet First – Food Week of Action and World Food Day

2022 Food Week of Action People and Planet First is the theme of this year’s Oct. 10–17 Food Week of Action. ‘People and Planet First’ mean prioritizing family farmers, fishers and others producing in harmony with nature – agroecologically – and achieving food sovereignty. As communities continue to face the pandemic and vulnerable food chains, we…

Soil Health!

As I’m starting to think about putting the gardens to bed, soil health for next spring is one my mind. Consdier these 5 topics to set yourself up well for preserving & improving soil health in your yard, garden, and farm. 1. Soil armor 2. Minimizing soil disturbance 3. Plant diversity 4. Continual live plant/root…

Providence Hospital Sustainability Program Partnership with Yarducopia

On August 15, Yarducopia picked up the first load of food waste from Providence Hospital – one 96 gallon pink cart (just like the ones uses for SWS’ curbside pickup). The cart contained a 150 pound salad, full of off cuts of lettuce, broccoli, kale, tomato, zucchini, and carrot, along with some bits of pineapple…

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